14/01/2012 15:46
Please find herewith the income tax calculator without password for your use as desired by many users   ITAX CALC 11-12 unlocked.xls (55 kB)   PRAISE THE LORD JIJI
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Income tax calculator 2011-12 UPDATED

17/11/2011 13:33
Income tax calculator for the year 2011-12 is uploded herewith. You are requested to kindly check the correctness before finalizing the Income tax as per rules. ITAX CALC 11-12.xls (54,5 kB) ITAX CALC 11-12 updated.xls (53,5 kB)
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Mark analysis programme 2011-12

08/10/2011 12:34
An Excel programme for mark analysis in the new proforma is attached herewith. Please try it. Mark analysis programme 2011-12.xlsx (371 kB)
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