Income tax Calculator 2017

16/11/2016 15:32
Income tax calculator for 2016-17 is uploaded. All are requested to download and use it if found suitable for your purpose. Kindly check the rules and calculations before finalizing the tax. Form No.12BB is also attached with the calculator which is compulsory for salaried people this year. Income...
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7th CPC arrear claculator

07/10/2016 12:29
7th CPC arrear calculator is uploaded as per the request from the friends. Kindly check the correctness and rules before finalizing the pay and arrears. PRAISE THE LORD JIJI
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19/09/2016 22:35
JNVST 2017 Biodata form is uploaded for interested users. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti instructions may be followed. Praise the Lord. Jiji  
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18/11/2015 10:48
INCOME TAX CALCULATOR FOR 2015-16 Income tax calculator for 2015-16 AY 2016-17 is uploaded in my website. Those who are interested may kindly downloaded the same. Rules and calculations may be checked before finalization of your account. Any suggessions or corrections are most welcomed. "What goes...
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JNVST 2016 revise proforma UPLOADED

10/10/2015 14:54
JNVST 2016 revised proforma which included the thrid category "TG" and all 96 alpha codes uploaded in the website. All can download the same from the link "Download- Programmes". Belive in Almighty God and prays him for our well being. PRAISE THE LORD. jiji mathew c, os, jnv udupi
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14/09/2015 09:46
JNVST 2016 Proforma uploaded. The proforma for preaparing the JNVST 2016 biodata is uploaded in the website. All are requested to kindly check the NVS circulars and do accordingly. You can download the file from the link "Download-Programmes" JIJI MATHEW C, OS  
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08/11/2014 12:16
Proforma for JNVST 2015 is uploaded for easy preparation of Biodata form. Kindly check the latest circulars of NVS for guidence.  Praise the Lord
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09/08/2014 13:20
Income tax calculator for 2014-15 is uploaded. It can be utilized by all including Senior citizen and very senior citizen category too. As per the special request received from the senior citizen, that option is added in this year version. Your suggessions and comments are welcomed. You can...
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JNVST 2014 proforma released.

16/11/2013 10:59
Proforma of JNVST 2014 biodata is uploaded and it can be downloaded from the "DOWNLOAD- PROGRAMMES" link. But as per the latest information received from NVS, JNVST biodata should be prepared in CBSE proforma, which can be downloaded from the CBSE website, and it should be uploaded. So you are...
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Income tax calculator 2013-14 Ver 2.0 published

12/11/2013 22:34
Income tax calculator for FY 2013-14 is published. It can be downloaded from "Download - Programmes" link. "What goes around comes around - helping others is helping ourself " If you feel that this programme is helped you in some way, please help others too unconditionally. "Praise the Lord" JIJI...
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